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Stephen Berkeley Lewis

Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Sound Design

Stephen Berkeley Lewis was born in... wait for it... Berkeley, California. He grew up in Evanston, Illinois and then moved back to California to go to film school at USC. A student short film he made, "Play is the Work of Children", screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 1992.

After graduation Stephen moved to San Francisco where he switched creative gears and had a long career in the video game industry as an artist, animator, designer, and eventually programmer. During a mid-life career crisis he switched gears again to become a certified clinical hypnotherapist, his current "day" job helping people overcome mental blocks and personal limitations.

Three years ago the film making itch returned with a vengeance, coinciding with a chance encounter with Arthur Tress on the ferry from Mare Island, California. Flash forward to the present and Stephen is proud to say he has made "Arthur Tress: Water's Edge", his first feature length documentary. He hopes it is the first of many more to come and is currently in pre-production on a documentary about hypnotists.

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